Monday, 31 March 2014

Bay Suburbs Swimming 

On Monday 31 March we took 16 of our students to compete at the Bay Suburbs Swimming competition. The competition was tough but the students of our school swam well and made us all very proud.


25m Freestyle
Year 5 Boys       3rd   Benjamin Haskell

25m Backstroke
Year 5 Girls        2nd   Mia Reid
Year 6 Girls        3rd   Hannah Elliott

25m Breaststroke
Year 5 Boys       2nd   Benjamin Haskell
Year 6 Girls        2nd   Katie Ryan

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bay Suburbs Softball Tournament results

Bay Suburbs Softball Tournament

Last Wednesday the following Years 5&6 competed in the Bay Suburbs Softball tournament against 6 other schools;

Year 5/6 Boys 

James Double

Thomas Foley

Matthew Greenhough

Max Woodhams

Alfie Saunders

Taimana Cookson

Archie Nightingale

Duncan MacDonald

Dominic Hawkins

Liam Quinn

Liam OMallay

Charlie Brownhill-Griggs

 Year 5/6 Girls Team
Penelope Salmon

Hannah Elliot

Sabre Kamuhemu
Victoria McCall

Katie Ryan

Mila Eric-Lawerence
Gemma Graham

Esther Swan

Cal Macredie

Milla Webb

Year 5/6 Girls 
Eva Barry

Erica Chambers

Lily Mcilroy

Sophie Ryan

Chelsea Baxter

Jorja Marshall

Sienna Lovell

Brielle Manson

Lily Williams
Neve Mann-Benn

Georgia Talbot

A huge thank you to Kaisla Quinn, Emma Graham, James Macredie, Anita Lovell and Lucy Bowerman who helped to manage the teams on the day, you were all fantastic in encouraging the teams and making the day a positive experience for everyone. Thank you also to the many parents who assisted with transport to the event and Ms Marra for her hours of coaching the team practices and coordinating the details of the event with the parents. The students modelled positive sportsmanship and displayed their skills and knowledge of the game enthusiastically.
The results of the day were pleasing with the boys team placing 3rd, the girls A team placing 2nd and the girls B team placing 4th in their respective pools.

Parnell Swimming Squad competes in the Eastern Zones, 24th March

Eastern Zones Swimming 

Today the following students represented Parnell District School at the Eastern Zones Swimming meet held at Sacred Heart Aquatic Centre;

Freddy Hatton, Tama Morris, Cooper Hood, Ambrus Temme, Brittany Wong, Linda Rehm, Sarah Raines, Sophia Morcom, Reika Yusa, Kate Gammie-Baglini and Rachael Willison.

All the students competed competitively and supported each other enthusiastically.  The following students qualified for the Finals Heats in their events;

Year 7 50m Freestyle Girls            Brittany Wong     3rd Place
Year 8 50m Freestyle Girls            Sophia Morcom     4th Place
Year 7 50m Backstroke Girls          Brittany Wong     
                                                          Rachael Willison
Year 8 50m Backstroke Girls         Sarah Raines       3rd Place
Year 7 50m Breaststroke Girls      Brittany Wong     1st Place
                                               Rachael Willison
Year 8 50m Breaststroke Girls      Reika Yusa
Year 8 50m Breaststroke Boys     Freddy Hatton    
Year 8 50m Butterfly Open Girls   Sophia Morcom    2nd Place
Year 8 100m Freestyle Girls        Sophia Morcom     2nd Place
                                                        Brittany Wong     4th Place

Year 8 200m Freestyle Relay      Sophia Morcom, Kate Gammie-Baglini
                                             Reika Yusa and Sarah Raines     3rd Place

Year 8 200m Medley Open Relay   Sophia Morcom, Brittany Wong
                                                Reika Yusa and Sarah Raines     2nd Place

Outstanding effort achieved by all of the Parnell School swimming squad today and a big thank you to Kelly Gammie, Suzie Lamborn and Amanda Raines for being our Team Manager and Officials.

Ms Marra

Eastern Zone Swimming Meet at Sacred Heart Aquatic Centre

                            Our successful Year 8 Relay team - 3rd place in 200m Freestyle

Monday, 17 March 2014

Year 3-8 Swimming Sports Results

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the school swimming sports at the Cameron Pools in Mt Roskill. It was a fantastic day of racing! A huge thank you to all the parents who came along and supported our students with time-keeping, marshaling, recording and cheering - together you make these days possible and successful for all of our students.

Event Name          Gender  1st Place                          1st Time      2nd Place                         2nd Time     3rd Place                         3rd Time
Yr3 25m Freestyle Boys      Will Speakman                      33.43      Mahad Khan                          52.95      Jared Manning                      1.17.25
Yr3 25m Freestyle Girls      Chloe Luo                              27.36      Grace Colling                        29.00      Gigi Moaveni                         29.77
Yr4 25m Freestyle Boys      Nazca Watson                       24.63      Kyan McKeown-Green        26.52      Hugo Tierney                        27.04
Yr4 25m Freestyle Girls      Una Dennehy                        22.39      Charlotte Elliot                      22.73      Angelina Katseli                    23.56
Yr5 25m Freestyle Boys      Benjamin Haskell                  18.06      Kameron Li                            20.98      Thomas Foley                        21.11
Yr5 25m Freestyle Girls      Rici Chambers                       21.03      Avala Ingram                         22.93      Xanthe Savill                         22.19
Yr6 25m Freestyle Boys      Charlie Brownhill-Griggs     19.87      Oliver Thomson                    20.28      Harrison Walsh                     26.16
Yr6 25m Freestyle Girls      Hannah Elliott                       18.59      Katie Ryan                             18.86      Penelope Salmon                 19.72
Yr7 50m Freestyle Boys      Tama Morris                          41.69      Ambrus Temme                    43.77      Cato Dobbs                            47.74
Yr7 50m Freestyle Girls      Brittany Wong                      36.44      Linda Rehm                           43.90      Melania Watson                   44.39
Yr8 50m Freestyle Boys      Freddy Hatton                      36.28      Tane Tarlton-Kraus              42.26      Aiden Sullivan                       43.66
Yr8 50m Freestyle Girls      Sophia Morcom                    35.84      Kate Gammie-Baglini           37.59      Sarah Raines                         37.66
Yr3 25m Butterfly Boys       Mahad Khan                          1.45.13 
Yr3 25m Butterfly Girls       Mikayla Arnold                     41.67
Yr4 25m Butterfly Boys       Hugo Tierney                        33.40      Oscar Bromhead                  47.78
Yr4 25m Butterfly Girls       Isaballa Reardon-Pollett      36.67      Georgia Haskell                    36.97      Yasmin Tbaikhi                      41.67
Yr5 25m Butterfly Boys       Benjamin Haskell                  27.08      Fabian Temme                      30.62      Nicholas Maguire                 33.33
Yr5 25m Butterfly Girls       Sophie Ryan                          26.99      Eva Barry                               28.93      Rici Chambers                       32.54
Yr6 25m Butterfly Boys       Oliver Thomson                    25.11      Charlie Brownhill-Griggs     28.64     
Yr6 25m Butterfly Girls       Katie Ryan                             23.07      Penelope Salmon                 23.93      Amelia Thomson                  29.12
Yr7 50m Butterfly Boys       Ambrus Temme                    53.89      Cato Dobbs                            56.48
Yr7 50m Butterfly Girls       Linda Rehm                           54.87      Melania Watson                   63.30     
Yr8 50m Butterfly Boys       Freddy Hatton                      47.05
Yr8 50m Butterfly Girls       Sophia Morcom                    40.08      Sarah Raines                         45.64
Yr3 25m Backstroke Boys   Jay Morgan                            42.89      Mahad Khan                          1.09.02
Yr3 25m Backstroke Girls   Chloe Luo                              30.38      Grace Colling                        32.63      Farah Saunders                    40.28
Yr4 25m Backstroke Boys   Hugo Tierney                        26.50      Nazca Watson                       29.58      James Lovell                          31.24
Yr4 25m Backstroke Girls   Una Dennehy                        23.67      Georgia Haskell                    27.26      Kate Bruce                            27.57
Yr5 25m Backstroke Boys   Benjamin Haskell                  23.93      Oscar Richards                     25.45      Fabian Temme                      25.59
Yr5 25m Backstroke Girls   Mia Reid                                 23.21      Sasha Rehm                           24.75      Xanthe Savill                         25.70
Yr6 25m Backstroke Boys   Oliver Thomson                    26.29      Charlie Brownhill-Griggs     27.63      Harrison Walsh                     30.69
Yr6 25m Backstroke Girls   Hannah Elliott                       21.91      Katie Ryan                             23.07      Brielle Manson                     23.77
Yr7 50m Backstroke Boys   Tama Morris                          54.25      Ambrus Temme                    55.37      Cato Dobbs                            61.73
Yr7 50m Backstroke Girls   Brittany Wong                      47.04      Melania Watson                   50.27      Rachael Willison                   50.81
Yr8 50m Backstroke Boys   Freddy Hatton                      47.77      Tane Tarlton-Kraus              60.86     
Yr8 50m Backstroke Girls   Sophia Morcom                    42.91      Sarah Raines                         44.08      Reika Yusa                             45.42
Yr3 25m Breaststroke B      Mahad Khan                          1.26.82
Yr3 25m Breaststroke G      Grace Colling                        38.60      Anya Stephan                       42.08      Ella Reid                                 42.27
Yr4 25m Breaststroke B      Jamie Palubinskas 32.86      John Kang                              36.17      James Lovell                          38.08
Yr4 25m Breaststroke G      Angelina Katseli                    31.40      Una Dennehy                        31.85      Charlotte Elliott                    33.24
Yr5 25m Breaststroke B      Benjamin Haskell                  25.12      Archie Nightingale               29.31      Kameron Li                            29.37
Yr5 25m Breaststroke G      Sophie Ryan                          28.47      Xanthe Savill                         30.88      Mia Reid                                 31.91
Yr6 25m Breaststroke B      Oliver Thomson                    28.09      Charlie Brownhill-Griggs     28.62      Harrison Walsh                     30.44
Yr6 25m Breaststroke G      Katie Ryan                             23.80      Penelope Salmon                 25.79      Hannah Elliott                       25.80
Yr7 50m Breaststroke B      Ambrus Temme                    55.65      Jacky Zhu                               60.23
Yr7 50m Breaststroke G      Brittany Wong                      48.77      Rachael Willison                   59.01      Linda Rehm                           59.03
Yr8 50m Breaststroke B      Freddy Hatton                      49.51      Tane Tarlton-Kraus              56.79      Daniel Soudlenkov               63.13
Yr8 50m Breaststroke G      Reika Yusa                             50.15      Kate Gammie-Baglini           51.57      Sophia Morcom                    55.11
Yr7 100m Freestyle Boys    Ambrus Temme                    1.48.38  Tama Morris                          1.55.42
Yr7 100m Freestyle Girls    Brittany Wong                      1.22.96  Rachael Willison                   1.41.04  Linda Rehm                           1.53.23
Yr8 100m Freestyle Boys    Freddy Hatton                      1.29.55  Aiden Sullivan                       1.47.50  Tane Tarlton-Kraus                1.48.65
Yr8 100m Freestyle Girls    Sophia Morcom                    1.23.52  Kate Gammie-Baglini           1.29.63  Sarah Raines                         1.30.15 
Yr7 100m Medley Boys       Ambrus Temme                    1.53.59  Tama Morris                          2.07.99  Cato Dobbs                            2.10.38 
Yr7 100m Medley Girls       Rachael Willson                    1.48.86  Linda Rehm                           2.03.51
Yr8 100m Medley Boys       Freddy Hatton                      1.41.83
Yr8 100m Medley Girls       Sophia Morcom                    1.32.84  Reika Yusa                             1.38.89  Sarah Raines                         1.42.27

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Year 7/8 Eastern Zones Softball Tournament Report - Ms Marra

Eastern Zones Softball Results

Year 7/8 Boys Softball Tournament was held at Auckland Domain on Tuesday 4th March. The following students trained over three weeks and this showed on the day as they competed well as a team, had an organised game plan and displayed great sportsmanship. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and Mrs Parkinson and Ms Barr for your support on the day.  
Congratulations to Aidan, Ilaisa, Denzal, Noah, Freddy, Campbell, Kipp, Tane, Tama, Ambrus and Jack for your 3rd place in the Year 8 Boys Division.   

Ms Marra

Year 7/8 Girls Softball Tournament was held at Thomas Bloodworth Park on Thursday 6th March.  It turned out to be an absolute scorcher and both our teams played competitively and had good knowledge of the game.  The girls had trained well over the past three weeks and their skills have improved greatly as this showed on the day.  Thank you to the parents who helped with transport and watched the games and to Janet, Mrs Parkinson and Ms Barr for your support on the day.  Congratulations to the following girls for your participation; Ede, Yoobin, Reika, Sarah R, Allie, Kate, Sophia, Seoyeon, Katherine and Alayna who gained 4th place in the Year 8 girls Division. We also entered a Mixed Year 7/8 team that joined Pt England School to make a full team, well done to the following girls; Zoe, Bridget, Racheal, Linda, Sarah B, Aleena, Grace and Lucy.

Ms Marra

Sunday, 9 March 2014

BS Softball Teams Practice

There will be a practice before school on Tuesday 11 March, 8.15am for the Year 5/6 boys team. Please meet Ms Marra by the flag pole on the school field. The two girls teams will practice at lunchtime on Tuesday, 1.10pm, after lunch eating. Please meet Ms Marra on the school field by the flagpole.

Tuesday 18 March - 8.15am Practice for both Year 5/6 girls teams. Lunchtime practice will be for the Year 5/6 boys team. Please meet Ms Marra on the school field by the flagpole.

School Swimming Sports - Notes for the day

On Wednesday 12 March, all students involved in the swimming sports will need to be at school by 8:45am so that they do not miss the bus. They need to report to their class teachers when the bell goes. They will then be asked to meet Mrs Franklin-Smith and/or Ms Loveday on the courtyard facing the office block at 9am ready to be checked off against the master list. We will then all board the buses - the buses will leave school no later than 9:15am.

Students are asked to have their togs on under their school uniform so that when we arrive at the pool we can get started straight away.

They will need to bring named:
  • 2 water bottles filled with water
  • 2 towels (one for sitting in between races and one for drying themselves before getting dressed after all races are completed)
  • Underwear
  • Sensible shoes
  • Lunch - no food bought from the pool shop will be permitted
  • Correct sports uniform or tee-shirt in their house colour 

We are hoping to have the racing started at 10am. We are also hoping to be returned to school before 3pm.
It is a full day of racing (79 events in total) and at this stage there will not be an official lunch break. Students will need to snack sensibly between races.

Students will sit in their year and gender groups so they can be located easily to be called for their race. When called for their event they will be asked to line up on the stairs closest to the starting blocks. 

Students will have the option to start the race from the top of the starting block, the top of the wall beside the starting block or in the water. This position is taken on the whistle. "Take your marks" will be announced, this is when swimmers step forward on the block and poise themselves ready to dive. On the hooter they race. Backstroke is the only event where all swimmers must enter the water on the whistle. 
All swimmers must remain in the pool at the end of the race until all swimmers have finished and they are asked to leave the water. This will be signaled by a double whistle.
Butterfly and breaststroke events require a two handed touch (two hands at the same time) to finish the race, while freestyle and backstroke require one hand. 

Good luck everyone!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Parnell District School Swimming Sports

Wednesday 12 March

Cameron Pools, Mt Roskill

Thank you to all those parents who have encouraged and supported their children in entering our school swimming sports this year. It is going to be a very busy and exciting day of racing!

Due to the number of entries some races will be combined to get through them all within the time we have. Please note that although some races are combined placings will be given for each gender year group.

Here is an outline of the order of events for the day:

10am start

  • 100m Individual Medley 
    • Year 7 mixed (timed final)
    • Year 8 mixed (timed final)
  • 25m Freestyle
    • Year 3 girls (2 heats)
    • Year 4 boys (2 heats)
    • Year 4 girls (3 heats)
    • Year 5 boys (3 heats)
    • Year 5 girls (3 heats)
    • Year 6 girls (2 heats)
  • 50m Freestyle
    • Year 8 girls (2 heats)
  • 25m Backstroke
    • Year 4 boys (2 heats)
    • Year 4 girls (2 heats)
    • Year 5 boys (2 heats)
    • Year 5 girls (3 heats)
    • Year 6 girls (2 heats)
  • 50m Backstroke
    • Year 8 girls (2 heats)
  • 25m Breaststroke
    • Year 4 boys (2 heats)
    • Year 4 girls (2 heats)
    • Year 5  girls (2 heats)
  • 100m Freestyle
    • Year 7 mixed (timed final)
    • Year 8 boys (timed final)
    • Year 8 girls (timed final)

After lunch
  • 25m Freestyle - years 3 - 6
  • 50m Freestyle - years 7 & 8
  • 25m Butterfly - years 3 - 6
  • 50m Butterfly - years 7 & 8
  • 25m Backstroke - years 3 - 6
  • 50m Backstroke - years 7 & 8
  • 25m Breaststroke - years 3 - 6
  • 50m Breaststroke - years 7 & 8