Sunday, 9 March 2014

School Swimming Sports - Notes for the day

On Wednesday 12 March, all students involved in the swimming sports will need to be at school by 8:45am so that they do not miss the bus. They need to report to their class teachers when the bell goes. They will then be asked to meet Mrs Franklin-Smith and/or Ms Loveday on the courtyard facing the office block at 9am ready to be checked off against the master list. We will then all board the buses - the buses will leave school no later than 9:15am.

Students are asked to have their togs on under their school uniform so that when we arrive at the pool we can get started straight away.

They will need to bring named:
  • 2 water bottles filled with water
  • 2 towels (one for sitting in between races and one for drying themselves before getting dressed after all races are completed)
  • Underwear
  • Sensible shoes
  • Lunch - no food bought from the pool shop will be permitted
  • Correct sports uniform or tee-shirt in their house colour 

We are hoping to have the racing started at 10am. We are also hoping to be returned to school before 3pm.
It is a full day of racing (79 events in total) and at this stage there will not be an official lunch break. Students will need to snack sensibly between races.

Students will sit in their year and gender groups so they can be located easily to be called for their race. When called for their event they will be asked to line up on the stairs closest to the starting blocks. 

Students will have the option to start the race from the top of the starting block, the top of the wall beside the starting block or in the water. This position is taken on the whistle. "Take your marks" will be announced, this is when swimmers step forward on the block and poise themselves ready to dive. On the hooter they race. Backstroke is the only event where all swimmers must enter the water on the whistle. 
All swimmers must remain in the pool at the end of the race until all swimmers have finished and they are asked to leave the water. This will be signaled by a double whistle.
Butterfly and breaststroke events require a two handed touch (two hands at the same time) to finish the race, while freestyle and backstroke require one hand. 

Good luck everyone!

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