Monday, 31 August 2015

Eastern Zones and Bay Suburbs Cross Country CANCELLED for PDS school teams

Eastern zones and Bay Suburbs Cross country update

Good morning all,

The Eastern Zones and Bay Suburbs Cross country at Churchill Park School has been postponed until tomorrow Wednesday 2nd September.  Unfortunately due to other school based commitments planned; school photos, Year 5/6 speech finals, Year 8 girls immunisations, staff unavailability, transport shortage and many unwell students a decision has been made to NOT send our Eastern Zones and Bay Suburbs cross country teams to the event tomorrow.

However, if there are any parents who would like to take their own child to compete in their age race for cross country tomorrow we will fully support you in this decision.  Can you please contact me via this email if this is your intention so I can inform the Event Organiser.

I thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

Valerie Marra

Sports Co-ordinator

Thursday, 20 August 2015

2015 Cross Country Results

Parnell District Schools Cross Country Results

Congratulations to you all for completing your routes for cross country.  Thank you to all the parent and family support.

The results are as follows;

Year 1
1st Charlotte Williams
2nd Ayumi Moriyama-PicardORIYAMA-PICARD
3rd Sophie Lonergan
4th Cerys Findlow

1st James Duffy
2nd Ethan Mora
3rd Henry Artrip
4th Marlin Pickard

Year 2

1st           Saffron Moaveni
2nd          Jessica Walkinshaw
3rd           Estelle Wright
4th           Caoimhe Edwards
1st           Thomas Lowe
2nd          Theo Lloyd
3rd           Max Foley
4th           Oscar Clarke &
               Tristian  Tierney
Year 3

1st – Jacqueline Nasrabadi
2nd – Berengere Profit
3rd – Erika Peebles
4th – Ruby Grant
1st – Sam Hawkins
2nd – Emil Gill
3rd – Bashar Labidi
4th – Hinata Arao

Year 4 Bay Suburbs Team
1st    Ella Reid
2nd   Lily Double
3rd – Poppy Webb
4th – Chloe Luo
5th – Sarah Tierney  
6th – Gigi Moaveni
7th – Lucia McCauley
8th – Anya Stephan

1- Harrison Lloyd
2  Haddon Sellers
3  George Gavrilov
4  Jared Manning
5 Thomas Mason Hassett
6  Ishaka Cox
7  Quinn De La Vega
8  Tuscan Oguz

Year 5  Bay Suburbs Team

1  Juliet Nasrabadi
2 Natalie Salmon
3   Una Dennehy
     Georgia Haskell
5  Kate Bruce
6  Linnea Quinn
7  Molly OConnor

8   Lulu Graham
     Angelina Katseli

1  Peter Bowen
2  Hugo Tierney
3  Jamie Mora
4  Oscar Bromhead
5  Michael McIlwraith
6  Jamie Lovell
7  Angus Sutherland
8  Noah Blackmore
Year 6 Bay Suburbs Team

1  Mia Reid
2  Sophie Ryan
3  Briley Smith
4  Avala Ingram
5  Erica Chambers
6  Kyon Gicole
7  Angelica Madden
8  Selina Yang

1  Archie Nightingale
2  Benjamin Haskell
3  Oscar Richards
4  Taimana Cookson
5  Connor Laycock
6  Tomas Botero
7  Matthew Greenough
8  Liam OMalley

Year 7 Eastern Zones Team

1  Ava Pickard
2  Shiho Nakamura
3  Gemma Graham
4  Paris Fraser
5  Liwen Cook
6  Sabre Kamuhemu

1  Liam Quinn
2  Patrick Long
3  Sean Kearns
4  Dominic Hawkins
5  Alexei Foster
6  Harrison Sun
7  Zhouhan
8  LDanny Chen

Year 8 Eastern Zones Team

1  Linda Rehm
2  Jeoung Gicole
3 Mina Liu
4  Alayna Kamuhemu
5  Emilia Perez
6  Chloe Maguire
7  Diksha Kiran
8 Nicole Bussell

1  Tama Morris
2  Cato Dobbs
3 Cooper Hood
4  Ambrus Temme
5  CLuke Davis
6  Fawad Uddin
7  Blake Harper
8  Toby Svobda