Monday, 30 June 2014

Bay Suburbs Netball Tournament Results

On Tuesday 24th June we sent 90 enthusiastic netballers to compete in the annual Bay Suburbs tournament. We registered 10 teams, three Year 4s, three Year 5s and four Year 6 teams. The day ran smoothly and the weather was warm. Thank you to all the Coaches, Managers and supporters who were able to watch our teams grow with confidence in each game and develop their skills and knowledge of the game. Congratulations goes to the following teams for their placing in the tournament;

Parnell Pepperonis- Year 4 girls,
Parnell Penguins Year 5 girls
Parnell Pirates Year 5 Boys

Parnell Ponies-year 5 girls

Parnell Ponies – Year 4 girls,
Parnell Pumas-Year 4 boys,
Parnell Yellow Ferns-Year 6 girls,
Parnell Pythons- Year 6 girls,
Parnell Magic-Year 6 boys

Ms Marra

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Year 7 and 8 Sports Review

Eastern Zones Orienteering 2014
On Monday 14th April our Year 7 and 8s students competed in the Eastern Zones Orienteering held at Auckland Domain.  We entered three teams; Year 7 mixed, year 8 mixed and Year 8 girls.  They had to be able to read maps and race against the timer around the terrain of Auckland Domain finding the controls.  Well done to you all for trying something new and better still enjoying it.

Year 7 team                                 Year 8 mixed team             Year 8 girls team
Fawad Uddin                                Yoobin Hwang                     Katherine Nicholls
Cato Dorrs                                    Seoyeon Lee                       Ede Rogan
Denash Harran                              Aidan Sullivan                     Sophia Morcom
Brian Khomkhomphut                     Luke Kernohan                    Allie Langekamp
Melania Watson                            Joanna Orr                           Kate Gammie-Baglini
Diksha Kiran                                 Toby Svoroda                        Reika Yusa                                                                                  

Eastern Zones Soccer 2014
Year 7/8 girls soccer team competed at the Eastern Zones Tournament on 27th May at Madills Reserve. They trained well for this tournament and braved the cool temperatures to compete fairly and competitively.  They played 5 games and won 1, drew 1 and lost 3.  Thank you to all parents and supporters and congratulations girls on your efforts.

Joanna Orr
Reika Yusa
Katherine Nicholls
Ede Rogan
Seoyeon Lee
Sophia Morcom
Yoobin Hwang
Alayna Kamuhemu
Zoe Currie
Zoe Roche
Ana Oafini
Ellie Buakhieo    

Year 8 boys competed in the Eastern Zones soccer tournament, Thursday 29th May at Sacred Heart College.  It is a very competitive tournament and our team just missed out on reaching the play offs.  The boys played well as a team and have some outstanding ball skills.  They played 5 games and won 3 and lost 2.  Thank you to our parent drivers and supporters.

Kipp Mann Benn
Ilaisa Tela
Jackie Zhu
Alex Crichton
Campbell Jackson Mee
Ambrus Temme
Jack Peers
Tama Morris
Flavius Suciu
Noah Wallis
Denzal Woolston

Year 7 boys competed in the Eastern Zones soccer tournament, Thursday 5th June at Sacred Heart College.  A great day of very competitive games which the boys challenged and used their skills to defend and attack.  Thanks to our parent drivers and supporters and Ms Barr.

Parnell District Ski Team
Every Tuesday this month of May a squad of 19 students trained and were coached up at Snow Planet by Lauren, Steph and Brad.  They improved greatly on their technique and speed and enjoyed their time on the snow.  

The team was selected last Tuesday 27th May after slalom time trials run by the Snow Planet team and we would like to congratulate the following students;  Tama Morris, Tane Tarlton Krauss, Lili Davis, Denash Haran, Alex Parr, Rachael Willison, Bridget Speed, Edwin Sun, Esther Swan, Zoe Parr and Cooper Hood and Mia Reid.  Now they will continue to train and prepare for the NISC held at Ruapehu from 25th-29th August.

Soccer fun

The year 5/6 boys played a friendly game against the year 5/6 Dilworth boys on Tuesday 13th May.
Both games were played fairly and great to see so many smiles on faces.  Thanks to Kaisla Quinn and Jason Saunders for Coaching and Managing the teams.

Soccer friendly - Parnell Yr 5-6 v Dilworth

Great game, great spirit and
smiles all round.

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Ski Team enjoying some apres ski at the cafe after an hour hard training on the slopes.  Tough life!