Friday, 22 February 2013


This year at Parnell District School we are looking to increase the participation of our students and their parents in the many and varied sports on offer throughout the year. Staffing, parental support and adequate space / time remain the issues for selecting, training and encouraging students in the sports PDS is able to participate in, and we hope to address these with a new format.

We are initially looking to get an idea of which students are interested in playing sports this year. We are also seeking permission from parents for their children to participate in these events and asking which parents are able to assist with transport, coaching, managing and or supervising / judging events.

The options for students Year 8 down to Year 1 vary. Dates for our ‘zone’ inter school competitions (Years 5-6, & 7-8) accompany this newsletter and more details / updates / results will be posted on the ‘sports blog’ (on the PDS website). The school organises its own swimming sports, athletics, and cross-country events along with an inter house tabloid event. Years 1-3 will also receive timetabled Health and Physical Education lessons with the sports coordinator, Mr Paine, and outside contractors take introductory lessons for gymnastics, tennis, hockey, football and rippa rugby for years 3-8. There are also several gym and dance competitions throughout the year which years 3-8 are eligible for and a ski team will be selected for the North Island Primary School Ski Champs.

This year we hope to reduce paperwork by gaining permission from parents for all our off site sporting events at once. If enough students are willing to participate in events, and we have parental assistance, a team (or teams) will be entered. When the number of students willing to participate is surplus, then trials will be held.  Students are selected for teams based a number of factors (attitude, ability, attendance and organisation predominantly). Teams of mixed ability and / or grading are also selected for certain events. Students whose parents volunteer to assist may be given preference over those more skilled, and students who behave inappropriately at tournaments / trials may be excluded from competing altogether.

The sports co-ordinator is assisted in organising events by the two sports teachers, Ms Loveday (Y 5-6) and Mr Jugenheimer (Y 7-8). Parents are also expected to assist in some way.