Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Year 7/8 Eastern Zones Softball Tournament Report - Ms Marra

Eastern Zones Softball Results

Year 7/8 Boys Softball Tournament was held at Auckland Domain on Tuesday 4th March. The following students trained over three weeks and this showed on the day as they competed well as a team, had an organised game plan and displayed great sportsmanship. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and Mrs Parkinson and Ms Barr for your support on the day.  
Congratulations to Aidan, Ilaisa, Denzal, Noah, Freddy, Campbell, Kipp, Tane, Tama, Ambrus and Jack for your 3rd place in the Year 8 Boys Division.   

Ms Marra

Year 7/8 Girls Softball Tournament was held at Thomas Bloodworth Park on Thursday 6th March.  It turned out to be an absolute scorcher and both our teams played competitively and had good knowledge of the game.  The girls had trained well over the past three weeks and their skills have improved greatly as this showed on the day.  Thank you to the parents who helped with transport and watched the games and to Janet, Mrs Parkinson and Ms Barr for your support on the day.  Congratulations to the following girls for your participation; Ede, Yoobin, Reika, Sarah R, Allie, Kate, Sophia, Seoyeon, Katherine and Alayna who gained 4th place in the Year 8 girls Division. We also entered a Mixed Year 7/8 team that joined Pt England School to make a full team, well done to the following girls; Zoe, Bridget, Racheal, Linda, Sarah B, Aleena, Grace and Lucy.

Ms Marra

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