Sunday, 23 March 2014

Parnell Swimming Squad competes in the Eastern Zones, 24th March

Eastern Zones Swimming 

Today the following students represented Parnell District School at the Eastern Zones Swimming meet held at Sacred Heart Aquatic Centre;

Freddy Hatton, Tama Morris, Cooper Hood, Ambrus Temme, Brittany Wong, Linda Rehm, Sarah Raines, Sophia Morcom, Reika Yusa, Kate Gammie-Baglini and Rachael Willison.

All the students competed competitively and supported each other enthusiastically.  The following students qualified for the Finals Heats in their events;

Year 7 50m Freestyle Girls            Brittany Wong     3rd Place
Year 8 50m Freestyle Girls            Sophia Morcom     4th Place
Year 7 50m Backstroke Girls          Brittany Wong     
                                                          Rachael Willison
Year 8 50m Backstroke Girls         Sarah Raines       3rd Place
Year 7 50m Breaststroke Girls      Brittany Wong     1st Place
                                               Rachael Willison
Year 8 50m Breaststroke Girls      Reika Yusa
Year 8 50m Breaststroke Boys     Freddy Hatton    
Year 8 50m Butterfly Open Girls   Sophia Morcom    2nd Place
Year 8 100m Freestyle Girls        Sophia Morcom     2nd Place
                                                        Brittany Wong     4th Place

Year 8 200m Freestyle Relay      Sophia Morcom, Kate Gammie-Baglini
                                             Reika Yusa and Sarah Raines     3rd Place

Year 8 200m Medley Open Relay   Sophia Morcom, Brittany Wong
                                                Reika Yusa and Sarah Raines     2nd Place

Outstanding effort achieved by all of the Parnell School swimming squad today and a big thank you to Kelly Gammie, Suzie Lamborn and Amanda Raines for being our Team Manager and Officials.

Ms Marra

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