Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Adidas Cross country - count down until race day on Friday 11th August

ADIDAS Cross Country: Thomas Bloodworth Park
Friday 11th August 2017  9:45-12:30pm

URGENT- Course Marshals needed from 9:45-11:25am  or 11:30-12:30am.  If you can help please contact Valerie Marra at valeriem@parnell.school.nz

You are invited to attend PDS annual school wide cross country, hope to see you all there.

We would like to get the racing underway around 9:45am. These are approximate timings and will not necessarily be strictly adhered to so please be flexible
Year 6 Girls         9:45am                                              Year 4 Girls         11.30am
Year 6 Boys         9.50am                                              Year 4 Boys         11.35am

Year 5 Girls         10.10am                                                           Year 3 Girls         11.45am
Year 5  Boys        10.15am                                                           Year 3  Boys        11.50am

Year 7  Girls        10.35am                                                           Year 2 Girls         12.10pm
Year 7 Boys         10.40am                                                           Year 2  Boys        12.15pm

Year 8  Girls        11.05am                                                           Year 1 Girls         12.25pm
Year 8  Boys        11.10am                                                           Year 1 Boys         12.30pm

Thomas Bloodworth Park has a variety of terrains that the students will be running over. There are gravel paths, wooden bridges, grass, muddy puddles, concrete paths, and years 5-8 will be running up stairs.

Please encourage students to wear their house coloured t-shirt, socks, hats
Te Arawa          Tokomaru                Tainui                  Aotea
Students will need to bring their school uniform and shoes to change into on their arrival back to school and a named plastic bag to put their running clothes into.

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