Sunday, 2 July 2017

ADIDAS Cross Country Running Routes at Bloodworth Park- Friday August 11th 9:45-12.30pm

Routes: see below for the courses
Fundraising: forms and instructions  to be handed out on July 4th 

We would like to get the racing underway around 9:45am. These are approximate timings and will not necessarily be strictly adhered to.
Year 5  Girls     9.45am                                              Year 3  Girls     11.20am
Year 5  Boys     9.50am                                              Year  3 Boys     11.25am

Year 6  Girls     10.05am                                              Year 4  Girls     11.35am
Year 6 Boys     10.10am                                              Year 4 Boys     11.40am

Year 7 Girls     10.30am                                              Year 1 Girls     11.55am
Year 7  Boys     10.35am                                              Year 1 Boys     12.00pm

Year 8 Girls     10.50am                                              Year 2 Girls     12.05pm

Year 8 Boys     10.55am                                              Year 2 Boys     12.10pm

Please encourage students to wear their house coloured t-shirt
Te Arawa          Tokomaru                Tainui                  Aotea
If your child does not know which house they are in please ask your classroom teacher
 – house points will be awarded. Students will need to change back into their uniform and school shoes for after the event due to the terrain circumstances – this can be done back at school. 


  1. This is some fantastic work! i am not a student of this school though some of my friends are! so ill be there to cheer them! good luck to all the participants.

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