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Term 2 Sports update- PLEASE READ

Term 2 Sports update

School programme

Week 1-4               Football skills
                              Eastern Suburbs Football Coach, Jesus- skills session with Yr 2-6 students 6 May
                               Intermediate hockey skills with an NZ Olympian 
Week 4-8               Rugby skills
Week 6                  10th June ARU Rugby skills sessions
Week 7              
                              Jono Hickey - Rippa Rugby skills with Year 5-6
Week 8-10             Netball skills
                              June 19th Barbarians Rugby Funday - PDS team entered 

Inter School Sports Events

Ski Trials for 4 weeks - team selection for North Island Primary Schools competition

Eastern Zones football
Yr 7/8 Girls    24th May
Year 7 boys    26th May
Year 8 boys     2nd June
Yr 7-8 team     27th June        

Bay Suburbs 
Football at Madills             30th May            4x teams entered
Rippa Rugby at Marist        20th June            4/3 teams to be entered

After School teams

- Football Kidz
-7 PDS school netball teams entered to play at Windmill and St Johns Centre
-Miniball teams

PDS Netball teams

Parnell Pirahas            Year 8            Coach  Yasuko Fraser
Parnell Pace                Year 7            Coach  Melanie Judd
Parnell Professionals  Year 6            Coach  Sarah Stokes
Parnell Pink Panthers  Year 5            Coach  Debbie Billcliff
Parnell Jackals             Year 5            Coach  Paula Webb
Parnell Gold                 Year 4            Coach  Gemma Graham (Year 8 student)
Parnell Poppies             Year 3           Coach   Katherine Nicholls (Year 10 EGGs, past PDS student)


Parnell Poppies footwork drills                         Half court session with Jackals      

Parnell Pink Panthers ball skills
         Parnell Poppies training this morning


Parnell Pink Panthers                       Parnell Jackal after training this morning

Lunchtime Football training 

In preparation for the Eastern Zones and Bay Suburbs tournaments training's are held Monday to Thursday from 1-1:30pm.  Please make sure you turn up for your team practices on time and fully participate.


 Intermediate class football sessions - Tuesdays 11:30-3pm

Please make sure you wear your sports top and sports shoes on Tuesdays.


 Notices to be returned

Barbarians Rugby Funday notices by Friday 6th May
Eastern Zones Football notices by Monday 9th May
Bay Suburbs Football notices by Friday 13th May

Parent/caregivers drivers, coaches, referees and managers are required for these teams.

Upcoming sporting events

- Eastern Zones Netball                   Term 3 Week 1 28th July
-Bay Suburbs Netball                       Term 3 Week 3 9th August
- PDS Schoolwide Crosscountry      Term 3 Week 4 16th August at Bloodworth Park
- Hockey skills with Coach               Term 3 Week 5 24, 25 and 26th August
- NIPS ski champs at Ruapehu         Term 3 Week 6 28th-1st September
-EZ and BS Crosscountry                  Term 3 Week 6 1st September
- BS basketball tournament               Term 3 Week 7 Boys-6th September  Girls- 9th September
- EZ basketball tournament               Term 3 Week 8 Girls 14th September
-BS Hockey                                       Term 3 Week 10 21st September

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