Friday, 6 May 2016

Frantic Friday full of Football, rugby and netball

Hi all,

What a day.  We were very lucky to have Jesus, a qualified and international player from spain come to PDS for the day and give me some amazing ideas for skills and drills.

Thank you to the Eastern Suburbs Club for sending us Jesus.

The following classes were lucky enough to have their PE session with Jesus

Yr 4s - Rm 11-12
Yr 3s   Rm 20-16
Yr 2s   Rm 2
Yr 2s  Rm 4

Room 27 and 28
Room 1


Football training with the year 5-8 boys


Football training with the Yr 5-8 girls

Rugby training for the Barbarians Tournament June 19th with William Waite

Netball training week 1

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