Tuesday, 31 May 2016

PDS Gymnastic Squad in training for first Festival on June 16th

PDS Gymnasts in training

TriStar Gym Festival on June 16th 

Training days are as follows-
Tuesday 7th                                           Friday 10th June                         Tuesday 14th June
Springers      11.30-12.15pm                 Springers      11.30-12.15pm      Springers      11.30-12.15pm
Flyers            12.15-1.00pm                   Flyers            12.15-1.00pm       Flyers            12.15-1.00pm

On the day the gymnasts need to leave their classroom quietly and head to the hall.  They can wear a leotard-shorts-tshirt.

Thank you to the parents for supervising these training sessions.

Springers – Yr 3-4
Emily Lawry
Alice Lawry
Bella Fairbairn
Saffron Moaveni
Paige Beuvink
Caoimhe Edwards
Michelle Luo
Milla Price

Flyers – Yr 5-6
 Amira Wilde
Gigi Moaveni
Anya Stephan
Maja Serweta
Farah Saunders
Poppy Webb
Chloe Luo
Lily Double

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