Tuesday, 31 May 2016

PDS After School Netball Results - Week 3

Week 3 After School netball

Team Reports

Year 5 Parnell Pink Panthers
Another great win for the Pink Panthers even with the pouring rain
POD for teamwork.
        Lily Double for coming and supporting us even though she was injured
        Anya Stephens for going the extra mile to go and buy new shoes as she had forgotten hers so she         could play
        Chloe Luo for excellent chasing, running constantly and shooting 

Year 4 Parnell Gold
Congratulations to Milla for her reliable shooting
Great team work Parnell Gold with good defence and great passes

Year 3 Parnell Poppies
Paige Beuvink for developing her catching and throwing skills and moving well on the court

Year 6 Parnell Professionals
Lillian Honeycombe for excellent court work and ball handling skills

Year7 Parnell Pace with a 20-6 win.
Annabelle Judd for excellent movement in the circle and use of space
Sasha Rehm for great shooting

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