Sunday, 20 March 2016

Orienteering with the Year 7-8 students


Orienteering requires physical fitness, skill in map reading,
compass work, mental alertness and decisiveness.

I have set up an orienteering course which  students are stagger started and they have a series of checkpoints called controls at different features in the terrain, which must be visited in order, and once they finish I check they have the correct order.
Goal-  Students use an accurate, detailed map of the area to find the controls in a set time.

Teaching these skills to the students will give them a better chance when they compete at the Eastern Zones Orienteering on Thursday 14th April at Olympic Park, Portage Road, New Lynn - each students will pay $3 to cover the costs incurred in setting up the course.

All interested students to register in the Intermediate Foyer, meeting Tuesday 22nd M

arch at 11am in Room 26.

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