Friday, 10 November 2017

Bay Suburbs Touch Rugby Tournament Results

Congratulations to the Year 5/6 students who represented PDS at the annual Bay Suburbs Touch Rugby Tournament at Madills Farm.

Thank you to our supporters, drivers and managers Paula Webb and Mr and Mrs Freer who guided their teams well on the day.

The winners of the Yeaar 6 Girls Grade- Gigi, Poppy, Mia-Rose, Lottie, Ella, Chloe, Lucia, Maisie, Anya, Lily and Zoe.
What a team!!!!

Year 6 team with the help of Ella, Chloe and Zoe
Well done to Sam, Oscar, Josh, James, Zac and Guy

Year 5 boys team- Sol, Aston, Alex, Harry, Sam, David and Caleb


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