Thursday, 15 June 2017

Netball Reports

Team Report
Play of the Day
Parnell Professionals
The team had a close loss by only one Pt Chev.
Congratulations to  Molly, for your court and play finding space so well.
Parnell Yellow Ferns
The Y8 Yellow Ferns had another win this week 19-17 against Remuera. 
Our player of the day was Angie Madden.
Parnell Panthers
Another great win 16 to 9 against Cornwall Park School and happy to be playing in the sun.
Thank you Deb and Nicky for all their great effort on coaching the team.

Report supplied by Catalina Wong
Congratulations to Chloe Luo for her court play and support which resulted in a
great interception.

Parnell Pineapples
Pineapples won their first game 6-2.
Congratulations to Anna for a fantastic effort on the court.
Parnell Gold
Parnell Gold had a really great game today despite the wind 💨 Thank you to the coaches for preparing and guiding the team.
Note on Sportsmanship
Michelle Luo has learnt so much about sportsmanship 
She mentioned to her mum that she was honest at the game today and said to the other coach that she touched the ball last and hence it should not be her ball when she was given the ball 🏀! Well done Michelle for your honesty.

Score was 13-2 against Remuera Primary 
 Team report supplied by Catalina Wong
We had the whole team getting the players of the day !
You all worked so well as a team so it was hard to pick one out from the team !!

Team Report
Play of the Day
Parnell Professionals
Hard game for the Professionals with the final score about 17/3 to St Mary's but the girls had fun and didn't lose their spirit.

 Ana Morandi.

Parnell Yellow Ferns
The Yellow Ferns had another win this week 12-9 against St Pius X.
A tough game and sadly we lost Sasha half way through the game to injury.

Xanthe Savill was our player of the day!

Parnell Panthers
We welcome Dana into our team this week 
She was very keen and running around the court marking her opponent really well !!
Well done for her first time playing netball.
Keep in up !

This week we had a great win vs Mount Eden Normal Primary 13-6
The player of the day is Ella Billcliff !
She did an amazing job today we all saw her playing 2 different positions and getting many great catches overall strong play from Ella !

Parnell Pineapples
Due to illness there were not enough players so thanks to Yasmin who helped out by playing with her sister.
Excellent work Alisha for receiving our Player of the Day
Parnell Gold
Parnell Gold played two games this week - the first was against St Joseph.  This was a close and very exciting game.  Parnell did an incredible job of marking their partners and preventing the very strong St Joseph's shooters from putting up too many shots.  
It was fabulous to see such strong sportsmanship from Parnell - assisting one of the St Jospeh's shooters several times after she had a couple of hard falls.
We drew 5 all.

The second game was against St Ignatius - and I could not fault Parnell - Ruby played a dominant centre intercepting 3 shots - our defenders Milla and Estelle were incredibly dominant allowing very few shots to get thru to the shooters and Olive and Jessica worked skilfully together in the circle.
Final score 10 - 3 to Parnell Gold.

Player of the day was awarded to Ruby for 3 stunning intercepts.

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