Sunday, 27 November 2016

PDS Social Touch Rugby Tournament Starts this week

PDS Year 8-5 Social Touch Rugby Tournament

Each team will have the following:
-4 Year 5/6 students                - 4 Year 7/8 students

Rules and Information
-20 minutes games, 10minute halves and swop over.
- Round 1- 1:00 to 1:20pm          Round 2 – 1:20-1:40pm
- Draw and Team points is on the window of Room 26

Points          Win- 4 points                   Draw-2 points        Loss-1 point
- Game rules
          - 6 touches turn over of the ball                   - try scored over the line
          - NO forward passes- turnover of ball          - Dropped ball- turnover of ball
          - Tap ball if the ball is passed forward otherwise ball played as roll ball
          - Dummy half can’t score or be touched otherwise Penalty and Tap ball
          - Stay onside with the Ref 5m or 10m for a Penalty

Games will be held on the school field on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday.

Check out the Draw for your game time and day.

Ms Marra

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