Tuesday, 1 November 2016

PDS Athletics days next week

To the parents and community,

Next week we will be holding our annual Athletics Days at Parnell District School field (PDS) for the Yr 5-8 students and the Yr 1-2 students and then in Week 6 Yr 3-4 students.

Please note that we are limited with field space and equipment so the sprint distances are shortened and some of the Events will not be held on the actual day.

The Year 5-8 students will have an opportunity to qualify for the Bay Suburbs or Eastern Zones athletics if they finish in the top 3 for the sprints finals or if they qualify for heights and distances for High Jump, Long Jump and Throwing events (discus, shot put and softball throw).

We do not have any Rain days for these events so we are hoping for fine/dry weather.

These are all approximate finish times as we have Field and Track events to complete
Yr 5-8     Tuesday 8th November        9.15am-1pm (we may have to hold sprint finals at 2pm)
Yr  1-2    Thursday 10th November    9.15-11.00am (we may have to hold sprint finals at 11.30am)
Yr 3-4     Tuesday 15th November      9.15am-1pm (we may have to hold sprint finals at 2pm)

Students will need to wear their House Colours on the day- please ask your child's classroom teacher which house they belong to.

Students can run without their shoes on the day but the Yr 7-8 students have to wear shoes at Eastern Zones Athletics

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