Sunday, 20 November 2016

Auckland Rugby Pro Coaches back at PDS this Friday 25th November

Auckland Rugby Pro Coaches back at PDS

Friday 25th November 

Welcome back to Julius, Nick, Robin and Setaita and 3 other guest coaches to deliver an hour of skills and drills based around rugby and rippa rugby.  The students will participate in four 15 minute sessions where they rotate around the Coaches experiencing the fun skills and drills sessions they have planned.

Time slot
Classes to attend sessions
Rm 29     Rm 27   
Rm 14      Rm 16       Rm 20        Rm 11        Rm 12
Rm 28     Rm 8
Rm 30     Rm 24     Rm 25      Rm 23

For comfort all students will need to wear covered shoes, school hat, sports uniform and sunblock.  

Thank you

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