Friday, 14 October 2016

Eastern Zones Touch Rugby Tournament today

Well done to the Year 7-8 Touch Rugby Teams that represented PDS today at Madills Farm.

PDS Mixed Team

Nick Maguire    Ava Pickard    Lexi Eddington Smith    Sabre Kamuhemu    Sean Kearns
Patrick Long    Paddy Jaffray-Bossward

Nick, Paddy, Patrick, Sean, Sabre, Lexi and Ava

 Boys Team
Liam Quinn, Dominic Hawkins, Danny Chen, Jason Sun, Oliver  Maclaurin, Alexander Parr
Alexei FosterCormac Hodson

Girls Team

Victoria McCall      Millie Deabill       Gemma Graham       Angie Madden         Kyon Gicole
Selina Yang             Rici Chambers     Annabelle Judd

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