Monday, 22 August 2016

Sports Notices for Week 5

After school Netball – last week for games at AMI Netball Courts and Windmill Road, enjoy your last game of the Winter Season.  
School netball Prize giving Thursday 15th September – 3.15pm, Venue to be confirmed.  One plate per family

PDS  Gymnasts qualified for Auckland Champion of Champions
Congratulations to the following students who have qualified for Auckland Champion of Champions Gymnastics competition, September 8th.
Year 3 boys- Yoav Fireman                    
Year 3 Girls- Paige Beuvink    Saffron Moaveni     Bella Fairbairn  
                      Milla Price                                                                                          
Year 5           Chloe Luo           Anya Stephan    Poppy Webb 
                     Lily Double                                                                                         

PDS Ski Team competes
All the best to the PDS Ski team and families who compete at the North Island Primary Schools Championship next week at Whakapapa.
Intermediate      Alexander Parr
Primary             Zoe Parr                         Anya Stephan            Hugo Tierney          Emil Gill
                           Jessica Walkinshaw      Oscar Hannaford       Jesse Hodgson        Georgia Haskill
                           Annabelle Baigent        George Hannaford
 PDS School wide Cross Country 16th August – Thank you to Piria Brown and Lucy Bowerman and the Staff, Community and Students for a fantastic Cross Country Event last Tuesday.

Bay Suburbs and Eastern Zones Cross country- PDS will send 10 teams of 8 students next Thursday 1st September, Churchill Park School. Transport and Managers required for each team.  Please contact if you can help on the day.  Students to run in the PDS sports uniform and wear running shoes.

Hockey Specialist- Sandy Mackie teaching skills/drills to the Year 1-6 students  this week on 25th and 26th August
Parnell Cricket Club- registrations open now, see the foyer and sports blog for more details
Jump Rope for Heart- find that skipping rope as PDS starts jumping from week 7 to 9 and the BIG Jump Off is on Friday October 14th 2-3pm

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