Monday, 1 August 2016

PDS Cross Country at Thomas Bloodworth Park on Tuesday 16th August- Please join us to encourage the students

We would like to get the racing underway around 10am. These are approximate timings and will not necessarily be strictly adhered to.

Year 1       Girls 10.00am                         Year 5       Girls 10.50am
Year 1       Boys 10.04am                           Year 5       Boys 10.54am

Year 2       Girls 10.10am                           Year 6       Girls 11.10am
Year 2       Boys 10.14am                           Year 6       Boys 11.14am

Year 3       Girls 10.20am                           Year 7       Girls 11.30am
Year 3       Boys 10.24am                           Year 7 Boys      11.35am

Year 4       Girls 10.35am                           Year 8 Girls       12.00pm
Year 4       Boys 10.39am                           Year 8 Boys      12.05pm

Course Marshalls required:
Email if you can volunteer for one of the course marshall times.  Please select a time your child is NOT racing so you can watch their race.

Setup n Yr 1,2,3 race                         9.30 -10.30am
Yr 4,5,6 race                                      10.30-11.30
Yr 7-8  race and packup course         11.30-12.30

Thomas Bloodworth Park has a variety of terrains that the students will be running over. There are gravel paths, wooden bridges, grass, muddy puddles, concrete paths, and years 5-8 will be running up stairs.

Please encourage students to wear their house coloured t-shirt
Teachers please inform your students which house they are in
Te Arawa          Tokomaru                Tainui                  Aotea
– house points will be awarded. Students will need a change of uniform and shoes for after the event due to the terrain circumstances – this can be done back at school.

Check with your child’s class list for their House OR ask their classroom teacher.

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