Tuesday, 9 August 2016

TOMORROW IS - School wide Cross Country- Bloodworth Park/Shore Road Reserve 16th August - Save day is Tuesday 23rd August at PDS onsite


-students to wear their school house colours and running shoes to school
-school uniform, clean shoes, dry socks in a plastic bag to change into when they get back from Bloodworth Park
-Every class will walk down to Bloodworth Park at 9.15am.
-All parents, care givers and family and friends are welcome to join us at Bloodworth/Shore Road Reserve

Save day
I will postpone the Cross Country due to weather conditions, field closure or conditions.  I will post this on the Sports Blog by 7.30am on Tuesday 16th August.  The save day will be Tuesday 23rd August (routes to be posted later in the week) 9.15-12.30pm.
All details for the Save Day will be posted by the end of the week.

Bay Suburbs and Eastern Zones Cross Country
1st September (Rain day-2nd September)
To be eligible for a space in the BS or EZ cross country team for PDS you have to complete the PDS cross country on 16th August.

The top 8 runners for each of the below attend;
Year 4 boys and girls (16)
Year 5 boys and girls (16)
Year 6 boys and girls (16)
Year 7 boys and girls (16)
Year 8 boys and girls (16)
- We will require parent drivers to and from Churchill Park Reserve

We would like to get the racing underway around 10am. These are approximate timings and will not necessarily be strictly adhered to.

Year 1       Girls 10.00am                         Year 5       Girls 10.50am
Year 1       Boys 10.04am                           Year 5       Boys 10.54am

Year 2       Girls 10.10am                           Year 6       Girls 11.10am
Year 2       Boys 10.14am                           Year 6       Boys 11.14am

Year 3       Girls 10.20am                           Year 7       Girls 11.30am
Year 3       Boys 10.24am                           Year 7 Boys      11.35am

Year 4       Girls 10.35am                           Year 8 Girls       12.00pm
Year 4       Boys 10.39am                           Year 8 Boys      12.05pm

Thomas Bloodworth Park has a variety of terrains that the students will be running over. There are gravel paths, wooden bridges, grass, muddy puddles, concrete paths, and years 5-8 will be running up stairs. I ran this course on Sunday and it is dry bar the cricket grounds which are still a little soggy.

Please encourage students to wear their house coloured t-shirt, socks, hat, shorts
Teachers please inform your students which house they are in
Te Arawa          Tokomaru                Tainui                  Aotea
– house points will be awarded. Students will need a change of uniform and shoes for after the event due to the terrain circumstances – this can be done back at school.

Check with your child’s class list for their House OR ask their classroom teacher.

Each race will have Course Marshals around the route and they will be equipped with ice packs, plasters, water and encouraging the students as they run.

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