Sunday, 24 July 2016

Cross Country Marshall Required - Please email VMarra if you can support

Course Marshalls required

For each race we require Course Marshalls scattered around the course to aide with direction, encouragement and safety of the students.

If you are able to support please indicate the time and also which year your child is in so I don't have you on the course when they are running.  I would appreciate support with putting out the cones and collecting in the cones.  Contact me at

Parent helper
Setup and Marshall on course
Parent helper
10:25am  - 11.10am
 Marshall on course
Parent helper
11.10am - 12.30
 Pack up and Marshall on course

We would like to get the racing underway around 10am. These are approximate timings and will not necessarily be strictly adhered to.
Year 1  Girls     10.00am                                              Year 5  Girls     10.50am
Year 1  Boys     10.04am                                              Year 5  Boys     10.54am

Year 2  Girls     10.10am                                              Year 6  Girls     11.10am
Year 2 Boys     10.14am                                              Year 6 Boys     11.14am

Year 3 Girls     10.20am                                              Year 7  Girls     11.30am
Year 3  Boys     10.24am                                              Year 7 Boys     11.35am

Year 4 Girls     10.35am                                              Year 8 Girls     12.00pm
Year 4 Boys     10.39am                                              Year 8 Boys     12.05pm

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