Saturday, 25 June 2016

Eastern Zones Football Tournaments Term

Year 7-8 Girls Football Team

Thank you to Melanie Judd for her time given to Coach, Manage and drive and the fantastic team review of the day

Year 7 and 8 girls team

Team Refs- Dominic and Danny
Thank you to our two amazing referees on the day – Dominic Hawkins and Danny Chen. These two refereed not only our Parnell games but were in high demand to referee other games as well. They were highly praised by the days organisers as well as by other team managers. A huge accolade to these two skilled referees. Thank you Dom and Danny!

Congratulations to a motivated year 7/8 team who never gave up and where every player gave 100% all day. It was very hard to choose a single player for player of the game.

v St Heliers 0-2                  Selina – brilliant defence and skill in clearing out the ball
v St Thomas’s 0-4             Vicky – amazing goal keep work and not a single goal scored against us in                                            the second half
v Panmure District 0-1    Elma – for running half the field and so nearly scoring a goal and Jorja – for                                        superb athleticism all day as well as receiving the team choice award for                                                skilled play
v Stanhope Rd 0-2           Rici – for good defence and connection to the ball
v Ellerslie 1-1                      Libby – for being a valuable all round player and scoring our only goal on the day

Year 7 boys team

They played at SHC and trained hard during lunchtimes.  Tough competition but they played competitively and fairly.  Thank you to Eric Freeman for your time and efforts on the day.

Year 7 boys - Coached by Eric Freeman

Conor Laycock

Taimana Cook
Fabian Temme
Nick Macguire
Max Woodhams
Cormac Hogson
Ruben Freeman
Shawn Santani
Johnathan Khoo
Morgan Thomson
Ameer Abbas Zaidi

Year 8 boys team

They played at SHC on a cold and windy day.  Tough competition and they managed to Draw one game against Pamure District and win their last game against Stanhope.  Thank you to Kaisla Quinn, Glen Hawkins for your management and coaching of the team on the day and to Diana for your time and effort on the day as well.

Ben Hurst
Dominic Hawkins
Danny Chen
Patrick Long
Liam Quinn
Jonah Kearns
Brooklyn Bowden
Sean Kearns
Tony Fu
Ben K
Jason Sun

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