Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Netball Muster Meeting Monday 14th March at 3.10pm- Be there to register

If you are a Year 1 – Year 8 student and you would like to play after school netball it is time to Register your team and name.

Meeting in Room 26 on
Monday 15th March at 3:10pm

Windmill Road After School Netball
Year 1-4       Thursday is Future Ferns Programme
The skills sessions pre game for the Year 1-4’s mean players learn fundamental skills and then put them into practice in a modified game.

Year 5-8       Wednesday 7-aside netball

AMI Netball Centre -St Johns
Year 6-8 teams ONLY    Tuesday 7-aside netball

-register your name and class level
-welcome new students to teams
- organise teams
-Mixed teams can have up to 3 boys in a team
-select Coaches/Managers
-discuss practice times and book courts for practices

-discuss Future Ferns the new netball format for Year 1-5 students

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