Wednesday, 17 February 2016

PDS Swimming Sports permission and entry form for Year 7-8 students

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

The Parnell District Schools annual swimming sports will be open to Year 7-8 students who will be eligible to qualify, depending on times for Eastern Zones Swimming Sports. With the help and support of family and friends, this is always an exciting and rewarding event for our students.

This year, on Tuesday 8th March, all year 5-8 students are invited to enter the competitive swimming events. Competing students will leave school at 9.15am and be back at school before 3.00pm.  There will be a cost of $5 per student for each of the venues to cover lane hireage and transport. 
Please note that these pools are outdoor and water temperature ranges between 21-25°C weather dependent.

Please encourage your children to enter the swimming competition if they are able to confidently swim 50m unassisted. We are also offering an alternative to the 50m events only for the year 7-8 students with 25m events to be swum at the Parnell Baths. These students will walk to the baths, leaving school at 11.30am and will return to school by 2:30pm for their afternoon lessons.

On the day, all students will be involved in either the competitive (50m swimming races in the 25 meter Onehunga War Memorial Pools.) OR the non-competitive (25m swimming races at the Parnell Baths) events.

In order for the students to really enjoy this day we need parents to help with the running of both events. The more parents we have to help, the smoother the day runs and the greater the benefits for all concerned. 

Additional information is attached, as are the entry and request forms to be completed. These need to be returned to school by 3pm, Wednesday 24th February, to the letter box outside Room 23. We will not be accepting any entries for the competitive events after this time.

It will be a fantastic day so please encourage your child to participate, and organise your schedules to come along also.

Kind regards,

Valerie Marra
Sports Co ordinator

Additional information regarding the Onehunga War Memorial Pools:

The Onehunga War Memorial Pool is a 33 meter (temporary distance blocks at 25m) outdoor pool- 23°.  Only children who can swim 25m unassisted should swim in this pool.

2016 Swimming Sports Form for Years 7 and 8

Childs Name: ___________________________________________           Room: ______
                                    First Name                      Surname
Male / Female (please circle)

House (please circle):                       Aotea              Tainui              Te Arawa        Tokomaru

Competitive Pool (Onehunga War Memorial Pool, 9.15-3pm)
Please indicate the swimming races you want be entered in:
Year 7
Year 8
50m Freestyle
50m Freestyle
50m Butterfly
50m Butterfly
50m Backstroke
50m Backstroke
50m Breaststroke
50m Breaststroke
100m Freestyle
100m Freestyle
100m Individual Medley
100m Individual Medley

I certify that my child can swim 50m / 100m without assistance

Parent/Guardian Signature___________________________________________

Non-Competitive Pool (Parnell Baths, 11.30-2:30pm)
The fun events may include:
            Flutter board activities
            25m freestyle
            25m backstroke
            25m breaststroke
You can enter the ones you want to swim in on the day.
I am able to help on the day
Name: ___________________________________________________________________    

email: _________________________________        Phone: _________________________

Preferred event to help:       competitive (swimming races)        or        non-competitive (fun events)
I give permission for my child _______________________________________ to take part in the school swimming sports on Tuesday 8 March and to travel to and from the pools in a bus or on foot.
I have paid $5 cash with this form/I have paid $5 at the office via eftpos
___________________________________                             _____________________________
Signature                                                                                                       Date


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