Sunday, 6 December 2015

Year 1 Athletics Results 2015

Thank you to all the parents who attended Year 1 Tabloid Sports and Athletics Day this year.
We were treated to a perfect morning for our event. The main focus for our team was that the
students enjoyed the experience of working in a team or individually in Tabloid Sports and the age group races which was a success.

Please send any photos to share to your class teachers for our school records.

Here are the results for the well contested age group races:
5 year old girls
1st Charlotte Williams Room 5
2nd Isabel Slade-Jones Room 6
3rd Luella Strang Room 7

5 year old boys
1st Stan Laycock Room 5
2nd Jaemi Ye Room 5
3rd Oliver Slade-Jones Room 6

6 year old girls
1st Ada Findlow Room 6
2nd Sohie Lonergan Room 8
3rd Cerys Findlow Room 6

6 year old boys
1st Frank Luo Room 5
2nd Hugo Boyer Room 7
3rd Ethan Mora Room 8

Year 1 Team

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