Sunday, 13 December 2015

Auckland Futsal Results for Term 4 2016- congratulations PDS teams

Congratulations to the following teams who participated in the Auckland Futsal League 

Central Zone - Year 1 - 8 - Term 4  2015
League:    Saturday afternoon (EGGS)
Training:   Monday - Girls; Thursday - Boys  (Epsom Campus gym)

Final Placings - Term 4

Grade: Year 1 -3 A1
7th   Parnell United Y1/2 
(George Lovell, Hector Sellers, Jordan Huh, Olive Llody, Theo Lloyd)

Grade:  Year 4/5 Girls
2nd  Parnell Y5G 
(Georgia Haskell, Linnea Quinn, Lulu Graham, Una Dennehy)

Grade: Year4/5 A1
3rd= Parnell United Y4/5
(Hadden Sellers, Harry Waite, Isaac Huh, Lloyd Harrison) 

Parnell United Y4/5 (Runner-Up - Term 3)

Well done and time to enter for Term 1 2016

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