Wednesday, 16 September 2015

PDS Netball - Player of the Day for Week 5 and 6

After school netball Results- Term 3
Thank you to all Coaches, Managers and parent support for continuing to motivate our PDS netball teams. 

Player of the Day for Week 5                              
Parnell Meerkats                                               Ella Reid for amazing defence
Yellow Assassins                                             Sasha Rehm for moving the ball down the court effectively 
                                                                              Nicole Qian for improved game awareness                                       

Parnell Professionals                                       Sylvie MacDonald and  Molly O'Connor for playing well
Parnell Gold                                                      Hannah Billcliff for great catches and passes and finding space
Parnell Pink Panthers                                      Sarah Tierney for great defence work and Ella for playing a new position
                                                                             Well done to the team for receiving ribbons for "sportsmanship"


Player of the Day for Week 6                              
Parnell Meerkats                                                Gigi Moaveni for outstanding play in a new position
Yellow Assassins                                                Team effort award to you all for playing so well all season
 Parnell Pineapples                                              Rici Chambers for her brilliant Defence work on the court         
 Parnell Gold                                                      Tristan Tierney for chasing loose ball and his dodging skills
Parnell Pink Panthers                                       Sarah Tierney for getting rebounds and Lily for covering 3 positions we

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